Lanna Retreat

Taken together, this splendid combination gives you a holistic and complete Thai Lanna Spa experience Lanna Thai Massage, Thai Lanna Herbal Bolus with local ingredients like rice, lemongrass, turmeric, som poi and prai that have been used by local people for centuries to nourish and rejuvenate the body in Lanna style.

120 minutes / 1,000 Baht

Thai Lanna Massage

Thai Lanna Massage invents new massage postures by combining the three massage techniques of  Royal Massage Style, Commoner Massage Style and Ancient Lanna Massage Style together by using hand touch which focuses on decreasing potential risk and increasing effectiveness and politeness. Thai Lanna Massage is another practice widely performed in northern Thailand with distinctive technique to lessen muscle stiffness and relieved muscle tension, enhanced  flexibility of  body muscles and stimulates blood circulation.

120 minutes / 1,100 Baht

Traditional Thai Massage

A traditional Thai massage, one of the best ways to relieve pain and tension. A therapeutic manipulation used its characteristic concentrates on pressure points of the whole body to relax tight muscles and stimulate blood circulation.

60 minutes / 1,100 Baht

Lanna Herbal Bolus

Manipulate your body with a warmly hot compressions, which containing Lanna herbal medicine, to focus on relaxation and improve blood circulation and heal the soreness.

90 minutes / 1,000 Baht

Lanna Sole Therapy

A Lanna style of foot massage, relax and release the stress by focusing on pressure points of your body through your feet. The method we use is painless, but very effective. It has been known to help reliving some problems, such as pain, stress, circulation, indigestion, glandular or lack of energy.

Facial Treatment

Using the natural benefit of Aloe Vera extract, this facial treatment perfectly restores an extremely damaged or sun burnt skin...

Body Wrap

A blend of white Thai mud is known for its is high mineral and firming property so it is used as a key ingredient for this wrap..

Body Scrub

A blend of natural floral extracts gives the product a distinctive floral character. These extracts help skin exfoliators to...

Spa Package

Health Lanna Spa Package