The health benefits of aromatherapy include its ability to reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, speed up the healing process, eliminate headaches, boost cognitive performance, induce sleep, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, improve digestion, and increase circulation.

90 minutes / 1,700 Baht

Aromatic Lanna Massage

Using Lanna and Western technique the specially blended essential oils will be smoothly penetrated into the skin through massage strokes, which stimulate the body system while enriching the skin with the natural properties of oils. This massage produces a warm effect to improve blood circulation as well as relieve sore muscles.

90 minutes / 1,700 Baht

Classical Swedish Massage

This ultra-effective, Swedish massage technique, which will be of benefit to all skin types, uses the deft touch of fingertips and palms to stimulate the muscular system and radically enhance blood circulation. The application of aromatic Thai herbal oils will also aid skin regeneration, leaving it with a healthy glow and restore its natural PH balance.

Body Wrap

A blend of white Thai mud is known for its is high mineral and firming property so it is used as a key ingredient for this wrap..

Lanna Retreat

Thai Lanna Massage invents new massage postures by combining the three massage techniques of Royal Massage Style...

Facial Treatment

Using the natural benefit of Aloe Vera extract, this facial treatment perfectly restores an extremely damaged or sun burnt skin...

Spa Package

Health Lanna Spa Package