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Aside the world of charming Lanna, the Health Lanna Spa has particularly designed the Rituals Lanna Contemporary Style of therapy, to present a blend of its folklore and natural goodness and deliver to every guest with the standard of excellent services.
Delight in the fascinating sense of touch and aromatherapy to pamper the body, mind and soul.
Health Lanna Spa allows one to cast the cares of the world to discover the rejuvenating and renewal of inner self.

Health Lanna Spa is more than a place where you deserve the authentic Thai spa infused with the ancient therapeutic traditions of the northern Thai culture(Lanna), as it is in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our international standard of service is delivered with quality and professionalism, while placing a high value on conservation and promotion herbs & spa products, and a tranquil setting. Taken together, this splendid combination gives you a holistic and complete spa experience with local ingredients like rice, lemongrass, turmeric and prai that have been used by local people for centuries to nourish and rejuvenate the body in Lanna style.

Thai Traditional & Alternative Medicine

Traditional Thai Lanna massage has its own unity that differs from the traditional Thai massage. The main purpose of the Lanna massage is to relieve tension and stiffness, and also sometimes for healing the internal organs like the stomach, intestines, uterus, and prostate gland. More serious problems can be cured with a combination of Lanna massage and herbal medicine where you can heal at the Health Lanna Spa by professionalism in Thai Traditional Medicine.

The technique of touching of traditional Lanna massage differs from traditional Thai massage or Western massage techniques. There are 11 techniques of touching as follows; 1.Stroke 2. Stir 3. Pressing 4. Squeezing. 5. Remove. 6. Press and Stir. 7. Stimulation 8. Stretching 9. Digging 10. Refine 11. Move up The different techniques are used to heal different problems.

The therapists have proper manners. They sit properly next to you. We found hardly any who stand or bestride over you. The treatment can be started with whichever part of your body is experiencing problems. There is no proper pattern like traditional Thai style. Lanna style is not a full body massage, and the duration of the treatment varies from around 15 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the seriousness of the problems. Sometimes it lasts until you are feeling better. At Health Lanna Spa, a local northern massage style can be considered as a valuable traditional Lanna massage. If we, the new generation, can develop practical ways to keep, spread and promote it to everyone inside and outside the country, this knowledge will be with us forever. 

Spa Areas

Natural and healing therapies include the charm of northern Thai culture,
are provided for 20 private treatment rooms with 37 treatment beds, 75 massage beds. Located within the male and female changing areas, the spa offers the relaxing aspect of health and relaxation. Within the jacuzzi and steam room you can relieve stress. Or take time to indulge in a massage or treatments, to complete the overall experience.
At our destination each uniquely designed & decorative with exquisite finishes of Contemporary Lanna Thai art.

Lanna Café

Enjoy something delicious in our intimate Spa Café. Created by our culinary team, this healthy snack on our menu consists of items that are seasonal to Thailand. More joyful lives through the finest organic locally produced, often with northern Thai herbs and vegetables from our own gardens. Please choose from our selection of comforting teas, coffee, fresh juices, smoothies or a light meal during your visit.

The Spa Boutique

We also provide extraordinary spa amenities & spa products, such as specially blended aromatic oils, aromatic incense products, as well as ceramic & handicraft gifts herbal tea in northern Thai style for those who wish to bring home souvenirs for friends and family.

You’ll relax and find greater balance in your life – and an unforgettable escape from the everyday at Health Lanna Spa.


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